Nails...Nails...Beauty...and more Nails

What you’ll need:
- a neutral base colour
- a top coat
- feathers
- scissors (I eventually switched to cuticle scissors)

I started with a truly shitty coat of base colour. Seriously, I didn’t let these dry & I did some sewing & I slept with them. Whatever, it doesn’t matter because they get covered for the most part.

Top coat just ONE nail…

then pick a feather and carefully place the tip of the feather onto your nail. I found that picking one that is long and soft (without too thick of a main “stem” thing) helps!

Press the feather down onto the top coat, making sure it’s completely stuck down & let it dry on for about 30 seconds!

After it’s stuck on decently, trim off the excess. TIP: try to trim as close as possible to the end of your nail. If possible, trim the feather so that it’s just a tiiiiiny bit shorter than your nail! This will ensure that your nails aren’t the scratchiest, roughest things ever. & that’s why I switched to using little cuticle scissors. It might take a couple tries to trim them properly.

Paint on a single layer of top coat & let it dry.

Do the same with all your nails! You’ll notice that the one coat of top coat will stick the feathers in place but it still shows a bit of the feather texture. Add one or two more coats to get a smooth & sealed finish!


(via lovelydyedlocks)