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Fruit Salad Nails- nail art tutorials from cutepolish on youtube :)

Love the Strawberry Nail Art

Neon Animal Print Nails!

Neon yellow didn’t photograph as good as it looks on…

  1.   single coat of L.A. Colors nail lacquer with hardener -White
  2.   two coats of Quo by Orly Instant Artist - Neon Yellow
  3.   single coat of Essie - Chinchilly (start in the center of your nail and brush outward!)
  4. Add any nail art, and seal with top coat! Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri

Orange Nails: Essie Action 

And my very first attempt to nail stamping! Very excited to get some more plates,there is a sample of each nail design on the plate that I got from Shoppers Drug Mart!

I found sparkly nail bow’s at Sally’s and had to get them! So excited to try them out… and they didn’t turn out to bad!  I just used nail glue to secure them to my nail and did my own design.

Recreate this look:

Base coat (Sally Hansen Diamond Shine)

Solid colour (Essie Princess Pink)

Triangle with darker solid colour (Joe Mint)

Dotting Tool (Black and White dots)

Nail Jewelry (2 Bows)

Top coat (Sally Hansen Diamond Shine)

My replica of the reblog Fishtail Nail Tutorial!

See below….

My Easter Bunny Nails!

See my previous post for tutorial.